Its something we see all the time and again here at NWM: affiliate marketers following strategies that are ineffective because they simply don’t provide enough value to visitors. In this article, we’ll look at why it is so important to give your visitors something special, and how that will translate into revenues for you.

It’s a Saturated Market and Lists and Reviews Alone Won’t Cut It

First up, we have to be honest with ourselves; there are thousands upon thousands of affiliates out there in the iGaming and sports betting space, and most of them are trying to promote very similar products. This is only going to amplify as more people try their luck in the market.

And, we need to be honest about the nature of the affiliate business: a few affiliates will make a heck of a lot of money, some will make some money, and many will make no money. If you’re reading this its probably because you’re one of those affiliates that want to make a lot. Great, read on!

The trick to converting your traffic into referrals, who in turn generate revenue, is to attract the right type of traffic. To do this you need to offer something that will make your target demographics life better, easier or more fun – in short, you need to offer something valuable.

When its put like this it sounds obvious, but today we still see so many affiliate marketing sites that are little more than lists and cursory reviews. Sure, reviews and lists still have their place, but on their own, they won’t satisfy today’s SEO requirements or generate a healthy loyalty among visitors that do find you.

Become an Authority in a Niche, and Give People a Reason to Come Back

To stand out in today’s saturated webspace, and to facilitate effective search engine optimisation, you need to go beyond the affiliate marketing techniques of a few years ago. Now, as part of a true multi-channel marketing strategy, you need to provide something that people want and will keep coming back for.

That want, or ‘search intent’ as its referred to in SEO circles, is information. Information can be informative, addressing particular questions and desires for advice, or it can be entertaining, or best of all, both, but it has to give visitors a reason to stick around.

Of course, providing quality content is easier if you’re covering a subject you’re passionate and knowledgeable about, but even if you aren’t, you can easily and cheaply outsource using services like and

Always keep in mind that it is easier to build authority and importance by focusing on specific niches. The internet is a big place and you are not going to be able to compete head on with the big sites and super affiliates, but you can become an important force in a niche.

Many affiliates are also failing to appreciate how sophisticated the market has become. The most important target market is now millennials, and these twenty and thirty somethings are far more demanding in terms of what will get them to visit and stay loyal to your site or social media. They see through fake reviews and spammy marketing texts and want real, genuinely useful or entertaining content.

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