The internet, especially social media, is very much visual space, but still many affiliates are producing content that looks old, tired and dated. Of course, the text is still critical, and writing high-quality SEO optimised content is incredibly important, but you shouldn’t overlook visual communications.

From high-quality photographs and illustrations to video content, complementing great text with great visuals can make the difference between attracting a visitor and converting them into a sign-up or depositor.

As with so many other industries, the undeniable fact is that often times the product and value offering is the same as a multitude of alternatives – but visuals present the opportunity to make people pick your proposition over others.

One of the best tricks for engaging people is, and always has been, telling a story – and we’ve all heard the expression “a picture speaks a thousand words.” If you’re telling a story in an article or post, illustrate it.

Where to Find Affordable Visual Resources

But wait, don’t slick images and photos cost lots of money to license? Actually, nope. With the rise of ‘micro stock’ sites like, and even completely free stock services like, there are plenty of sources for affordable visuals.

All such services offer several different licensing and image size options, and for most regular web uses you will only need the cheapest option. For affiliates who create a lot of content, subscribing to one of the monthly or yearly plans might offer better value.

Video content is easier than ever to put together, and is especially effective on social media like YouTube, Facebook and Instagram – but it is vital to keep things short. An entertaining decently produced video will have more impact that an expertly produced video that is so long that most people don’t watch it all.

Funny content always resonates well, so consider creating memes and GIFs – there are lots of free services you can use, and they are perfect for social media. Likewise, making your blogs and sites visually attractive can keep people there, and keep them coming back after they’ve found you via search or links.

Just remember that you can’t just Google images and use them – you always need to ensure you have the necessary rights to use any images or videos. Also, ensure the specific license type you opt for covers everything you need.

As an iGaming or sports betting affiliate, it is also extremely important to keep your visual content regulation compliant, just like your text-based content. If you are a UK affiliate you should maintain familiarity with the applicable ASA and UKGC guidelines for all content.

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